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Kiddie Car Seat Table with Organizer

Kiddie Car Seat Table with Organizer - Blissful Baby Co

Kiddie Car Seat Table with Organizer

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THE TABLE YOU WISH YOU HAD! Your kid will have easy access to all of their snacks and things and activities to stay entertained while on travel. Our Kiddie Car Seat Table with Organizer includes foam and plastic tray inserts to create a solid, flat surface for your toddler to write and color on. No more boring travels!


  • COMFORTABLE TRAVEL - Encourages your child's creativity and decreases the amount of bickering in the backseat. Featuring expandable storage to hold notebooks, crayons, snacks, or a puzzle, our large lap trays are bigger than most others on the market.

  • EASY CLEANUP - Along with keeping all the loose paint sticks, crayons, markers, and food in one place to make cleaning your vehicle easier, our lap desks also easily wipe down after any spills. While your toddler is using a lap desk, you can focus more on the road and not worry about digging for that run-away crayon or snack.

  • CARRYING MADE SIMPLE - Your child can choose to carry their lap desk as a messenger bag and take it wherever they go! Traveling is easy. You can also keep the strap long so your child can wear it as a messenger bag.

  • ENTERTAIN WITHOUT ELECTRONICS - Encourage your child's pure imagination and stimulate their brain by allowing them to be creative on your long road trip or on that dreaded doctor's appointment. Our lap tray allows you to entertain your kid on a busy or boring day and keep them from fighting with their siblings without having to stick them in front of a screen. 


  • Material: Polyester
  • Item Size: 40 x 32 cm
  • Item Weight: 0.4kg


  • 1 x Kid Car Seat Table with Organizer
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